Frog ranger.

Rangers are a playable class in Cube World. They are highly dependendant on ranged attacks. They can weild bows, crossbows, and boomerangs. They are a damage dealing class


The ranger's specializations are sniper and scout. A sniper is a long ranged ranger capable of doing increased damage with their special ability, Aim. Aim steaths the sniper giving it exponentially increased dodge rate as well as increasing damage, critical strike and grants MP regeneration. A scout ranger is a ranger that tends to use swift attacks against it's enemy using it's special ability, Scout's Swiftness. An ability that increases your movement and attack speed.

Talents and AbilitiesEdit

Rangers have 2 base talents that snipers and scouts alike can learn, those are kick and retreat. Kick does small damage to the enemy and has a chance to stun them. Retreat lets you escape your enemy or evade them more easily by leaping back from their position. The ranger's base abilities are shoot with the bow and crossbow and throw with the boomerang. These abilities generate MP to use the second ability. Rapid Fire with a bow, charged shot with the crossbow and charged throw with the boomerang

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